M-Parivahan and E-Challan App Launched By Transport Ministry

By | November 5, 2018

The mobile apps, e-challan and m-parivahan, aim to provide a comprehensive digital solution for enforcement of traffic rules.

The m-Parivahan, e-challan road safety apps will be launched soon as it is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign. Recently a UPI-based app called BHIM was launched in the country to support demonetistion. m-Parivahan and e-challan apps to help and improve roadways system in the country.

The m-Parivahan and e-challan road safety mobile apps

e-challan and m-parivahan mobile app

m-Parivahan and e-Challan the new smartphone apps planned by the Indian Roadways and Transport Ministry is making everyone talk about it. The m-Parivahan and e-Challan apps, which has been announced and will soon be launched is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign wherein he is pushing the country to go the digital way and adopt digital measures for daily activities.

Slowly, most government organisations are going digital and Modi is already pushing for a cashless India. He recently launched a UPI based app service called BHIM app in the country to support demonetisation and also push Digital India forward. m-Parivahan and e-challan apps are also an attempt to streamline the roadway system in the country, which is still a little haphazard and works entirely through pen and paper.

All you need to know about e-challan:

  • The e-challan app will help traffic police to enforce transport laws.
  • E-challan app will help in connecting all stakeholders
  • It will help in easing operation and monitoring.

All you need to know about m-Parivahan:

  • m-parivahan is a citizen-centric app that will facilitate access to various transport-related services.
  • It will provide a virtual driving licence and registration certificates through back-end connection to the transport national register.
  • m-Parivahan will help in adding a vehicle into the app, and later it will provide full details of the car including owner’s driving licence and registration certificate.

m-Parivahan app will help bring in a modicum of regularity to the road transport services in the country. t aims at improving not only the law and order in India but also making transport transactions more clear and transparent. e-Challan app will help lawmakers issue digital challans and completely digitise the process of dealing with wrong-doers.

In the long run, it is expected to benefit users in multiple ways. m-Parivahan and e-Challan can be used not only by travellers or by citizens but it is an app that will also aid the lawmakers and the traffic police. Here’s how m-Parivahan and e-Challan apps takes this effort one step ahead.

1) Sharing pictures anonymously

Many times, travellers in the country come across happenings which need to be reported. it could be accidents where help is required or traffic violators who escape the eye of law. m-Parivahan app aids people in now reporting the law breakers and ensuring they are punished. The users can simply click a picture of the violator or of the accident and upload it to the Transport ministry account through the m-Parivahan app.

The ministry officials will respond to the claims and after investigation, take necessary action. The best part is, there is an option to send in the image anonymously ensuring that the complainant stays safe and there is no harm done. It will ease a lot of traffic issues and help people become more proactive in reporting violations. New m-Parivahan mobile app by Road Ministry will let users report traffic violations and crashes anonymously through pictures

2) Purchasing second hand vehicles

The m-Parivahan app will be updated to have a complete registry of each and every vehicle in the country and also details of the vehicle. Once a user wishes to buy a second hand vehicle, they need to simply log on to the app, enter all the details of the vehicle they wish to purchase and check if the information provided to them was accurate or not.

They can check the age of the vehicle, the condition, driver details, and also the exact worth of the vehicle on the m-Parivahan app. It will help keep users safe from frauds.

3) Keep tabs on violators

Since the m-Parivahan app will be used not only by travellers but also by the authorities, it will help them in keeping check of regular violators. The next time someone is caught breaking a traffic rule, the authorities can check his details and then verify them using the app.

The driver’s past record will be listed on the app and it will help the authorities to take stricter action in case there have been too many violations by one driver. In this case, the m-Parivahan app can be linked with the e-Challan app for prompt action. Narendra Modi’s BHIM app becomes No. 1 app on Google Play store, with over 85,000 5-star reviews!

4) Issue digital challans

Through e-Challan and m-Parivahan apps, law makers can issue digital challans to the law breakers and keep a track of all the violations.

Each officer will have access to all the defaulters. Also, since the license will be uploaded online, it will make it easy to check the details of the vehicle and there will be no need for the driver to keep physical documents on him. It will also be easy to get licenses as the license will be sent digitally and there will be no delay in transport. Both the apps are expected to make life easy and bring quick justice against violators. 🙂

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